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Featured Artist ||| Tom Haney (Atlanta, GA)  

This week’s Featured Artist is Tom Haney. He charmed and captivated us with his intricate kinetic art sculptures. Each piece is carefully detailed; from the expression of each face, to the props used, and the clothing they wear; each character seems to have it’s own mysterious life and story.


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962, Tom Haney became fascinated by mechanical movement at the age of two where he became separated from his family in a museum. In subsequent years, his fascination would manifest itself often - he regularly took apart household items, much to his parents’ disapproval.

“Being mostly self-taught, I’m excited to see the progress I have made, and look forward to where my work might go next. With each piece I try to push my work forward - I try out different techniques; challenge myself with a new mechanical movement; and am always working on making my pieces outlast me. I don’t want to be in the business of repairing them, so I try to find ways to make them maintenance-free.”

Transfixed by a mechanical diorama, Haney took art classes in high school and attended college studying Industrial Design. Before becoming a full-time artist in 2000, his professional work consisted of making props, models and miniatures for television commercials, still photographers, and motion pictures.

“When I started making kinetic art in ‘94, I wasn’t aware of many other folks doing this kind of artwork. I’m inspired by other kinetic artists I’ve met through the Internet. I’m also inspired by painters, ceramicist, doll makers, film makers, and mixed media artists,” said Haney.

Upcoming events/shows:

Haney currently has shows at Red Truck Gallery  in New Orleans and Brentano’s in NYC. He also recently co-directed a music video with LA-based singer songwriter, Lucy Schwartz. He also made the marionette and all the small props. Click here to see the video. 

To follow Tom Haney’s upcoming projects, and to see more work visit his websiteFacebookTwitterYouTube, and his blog.

Written by: Jocelyn Carranza



Lacey Bryant’s Solo Exhibit “Lacuna" and Group Exhibit "Home" at Modern Eden Gallery.

Last weekend I attended Modern Eden Gallery for artist Lacey Bryant’s solo exhibit titled Lacuna. I love her rustic color palates, and how her detailed yet fluid brush strokes always remind me of a brisk and dreamy autumn day.

Alongside Lacuna, is a group installation titled Home, bursting with various artists renditions of bird houses. A perfect companion to Lacey’s own rural, mysterious houses, landscapes, and secretive figures.

On top of being a show of interesting pieces and wonderment, there is also an entirely other reason you should pay a visit! This will be the final show at Modern Eden Gallery’s 403 Francisco street location. Due to the harsh reality of San Francisco’s rising rent costs, the gallery has been forced out of their current home. But fear not! Unlike most galleries that have shut their doors in San Francisco after suffering a similar fate, Modern Eden will thankfully still prevail. Keep your eyes peeled for their new and exciting location at 801 Greenwich street. 

Photos selected by Paint Pens Collective contributor, Mary Syring.

It’s time for dem’ event picks yo.

San Francisco -o_0- Tonight we celebrate!! QUICK DRAW SF #003 is back tonight! If you still haven’t made it down to F8 1192 Folsom in San Francisco were giving you another chance, music, drinks, and a bar full of artists! Don’t forget to RSVP to this event to be eligible to win a lil sompthin special. The merch table will be set up with swag from the artists. 21+ don’t forget your ID like I always do. See you tonight around 6! –0_o– Thursday 17th

Boulder –o_0- Irreverent Eclectic : A Ween Inspired Group Show . 16 Ween fan artists, one of them being Max Kauffman, our current featured artist. Two sets of Ween Cover bands will be there to jam out with everyone. Check out the event page for event details, and ticket prices. -0_o- Friday 18th

San Francisco -o_0 - Renegade craft fair SF will be help this Saturday and Sunday at Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion. Entertainment, food, drinks, and over 200 craft makers! This FREE event starts at 11:00am both days , and ends at 6:00pm. –0_o– Sat & Sun 18th-19th

San Francisco –o_0- San Francisco Bazaar in Japan town is going on this weekend. The festival consists of music, art, fashion, food, and film, so everyone will find something interesting! This is an open event, FREE to the public. Check it all out at - Sun & Mon 19th &20th

San Francisco –o_0- Chillin’ Productions Anniversary at Mezzanine July 19, 2014. 200 artists, 80 fashion designers, live painting, video Installations, music, photo booths, & the list continues. this is a 21+ event, held from 8:00pm - 2:00am, ticket details can be found on the Facebook link ($10 cover at the door). -0_o- Saturday 19th

Make this weekend count! Art & booze go together like cocaine and waffles… or maybe more like Chinese food and chocolate pudding…

Featured Artist ||| Max Kauffman (Oakland, Ca)

The whimsical abandoned buildings and inviting color schemes of Max Kauffman have captured our attention. Kauffman’s work brings a sense of history and life to his subjects; an ability to create darkness and decay, and fill it with light. We were excited to learn more about Max Kauffman, as well as have him as a guest artist at our next monthly Quick Draw SF event this Thursday in San Francisco! 


Raised in South Bend, Indiana, Kaufman’s teen years were spent skateboarding and attending concerts; as well as outdoors; wandering through swamps, flipping over logs, and exploring the primeval forest that was his backyard. A duality, which has shaped his work.

Needing something larger after high school, he attended Arizona State University for a degree in ceramics and anthropology. “The latter has been one of my largest influences to date. I’ve been fortunate enough to show my work across the US for the past seven years. I’ve also shown bits of things in Italy, Israel, and Canada (first out of the country solo show last year),” said Kauffman.    

Kauffman’s work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Lost at E Minor, Beautiful Decay, and Wallfarmers. He’s also been lucky enough to work with people like Mountain Dew, Nike, and Arbor on projects. He’s also written on and off for Hi Fructose since 2008.

Inspiration List:

Some of Kauffman’s inspirations include: indigenous cultures and crafts, music, nature, old buildings, and too many pals to name.   

Upcoming events/shows:

Kauffman’s calendar is filled with upcoming shows for the next couple months. Some of them include a Ween themed show at madelife in Boulder, CO, opening July 18. Also, a group show with Scott Greenwalt, Justin Lovato, Anthony Hurd, Santos Shelton and Boy Kong at Lequivive on August 9, and a Two-person show with Marcelo Macedo in November at Low Gallery in San Diego. Also stay tuned for a few additional projects year in Denver, Chicago and the East Coast. To follow his upcoming projects, and to see more work visit his website, Instagram, and Twitter

Written: Jocelyn Carranza

July 10th Event Picks

Where muh party peepole at?!

So I am here, super freakin pumped, ready to let you know ‘bout some super sick art openings for this week!

San Fransisco ||| The Smoking Nun presents CUT AND CONSTRUE: OPENING / Bay Area Collage Show / SOMA 2014. Our special friend Shayna Yasuhara will be one of the wonderful artists being featured at this event. So put your fancy pants on and head down to the Soma Yacht Club at 7 PM for wine and art! __ Tonight [the] 10th [at] 7pm

San Fransisco ||| Jim Houser, Philadelphia artists is having hist first solo show at FFDG this weekend. Jim Houser, solo show “Night Got Quiet - Not Quite Light” will showcase different mixed media pieces that Jim has created. Beer and wine of course will be readily available for consumption. __ Tomorrow [the] 11th [at] 6pm
San Fransisco ||| Monster Drawing Rally 2014 begins tomorrow! « (click link for ticket details) 120 artists will be together drawing live at the Verdi Club in SF. This incredible live drawing and fundraiser event will help to support Southern Exposure’s programs. Attendees will be greeted with Dj’s, Brews and curbside food! __ Tomorrow [the] 11th [at] 6pm

San Fransisco ||| Modern Eden Gallery is home for the birds this weekend. Home: The Birdhouse Reimagined has given all artists the same basic bird house, then gave them free reign. So the end results can be seen Saturday night. __ Saturday [the] 12th [at] 6pm

New York ||| Fridman Gallery presents Recurrence an exhibition that focuses on a small group of aesthetically diverse artists whose work unfolds as an expression of our relationship to our physical environment (find link in photos) __ Thursday [the] 17th [at] 6pm

San Fransisco ||| ROUND THREE!!! QUICK DRAW SF #003 is back (…well next week it’s back). We have a group of new artists ready to show your their awesome art work! I will be there selling their swag, if-ya-know-whad-I-mean and what I mean is selling their art at F8 1192 Folsom. __ Thursday [the] 17th [at] 6pm

So its about time for some more Coffee! check out some of these art openings and let us know what you think!!

Featured Artist ||| Hot Dose (Rockford, IL

Hot Dose! is the visual bastard love child formed from the collective imaginations of artists, Corey Hagberg and Sarah Danielle Stewart. Both artists are individually recognized artists working regionally, as well as nationally, and more recently, internationally.


Corey Hagberg has been spray painting on and off since the age of 15. In the last five years, he has approached a fine arts style where he embraced this medium even more. Hagberg focuses are murals and characters where he eventually drifted away from his roots in  graffiti.

According to Hagberg, “A persistent and long standing addiction to heroin pushed him to the brink of death and into a journey of self discovery that, at one point, had him on a complete hiatus from art all together. He emerged determined to refine and refocus his artistic vision into something that celebrates the collective loss and failure connected to the human condition and reinforces the notion that “it’s okay to be fucked up.”

Some of his work has been exhibited in: Dumbo Arts Center in NYC, Marketplace Gallery in Albany, Project Gallery in LA, Nuerotitan in Berlin, Around the Coyote, and Oh No Doom Chicago, Paper Crown Gallery, Fountain Art Fair Miami and Chicago, and NYC. Illinois State Museum at the Thompson, Center, JR Kortmans Center for Design in Rockford, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford College, Freeport Art Museum, Pirate Ninja Print Shop, Rockford Art Deli, Arch Enemy Gallery in Philly, Somerset House in London, North Coast Music Fest, Threadless for Quennect 4, Arcade Brewery Chicago, Howard St. Gallery in Evanston (Fatherless), Refuge in Portland, Mana Contemporary in Miami, Chicago Truborn, and Hot Pop in Milwaukee.

Native Rockford artist, Sarah Danielle Stewart’s paintings illustrate the tipping point between dream and nightmare. Stewart graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts focusing on painting and ceramics. She also is a custom pin-striping artist and tattooist, as well as muralist.

Her work illustrates a “deep appreciation for the world of nature infected with sadness for it’s routine exploitation all while avoiding the trappings of becoming a visual soapbox.” For instance, Stewart modifies a visual carnival barker commanding a circus of freaks, losers and deadbeats; redirecting them into a new sense of purposeful existence through a visual layout that is tantalizing as well as morbidly appealing. Stewart has been able to push her work into a visual realm that demonstrates an artist who has mastered their techniques as well as their subject matter.

Some of Stewart’s work has been featured in: Illinois State University, JR Kortman’s Center for design, Anderson Japanese Gardens, Fountain Art Fair NYC, Miami and Chicago, Arch Enemy Arts in Philly, Arcade Brewery, Rockford Art Deli, Paper Crown Gallery, Freeport Art Museum, Hot Pop Gallery in Milwaukee, Chicago Truborn, North Coast Music Fest, Mana Contemporary in Miami and many others. Up and coming projects include “No Love Lost” as Hot Dose and exhibits at Morton College, Rockford College and Illinois State Museum, as well as mural work for an up and coming Netflix original series.

The two artist met in March 2013 when Hagberg approached Stewart about an inclusion of a private art museum show in Freeport IL where they would have free reign over the galleries to install whatever they wished. Stewart accepted Hagberg’s invitation as well as took his advice to “go bigger and beyond the limits of the studio and into the street” by experimenting with spray paint. 

From there a collaborative show fueled the fire that spawned a romantic relationship as well as a solid artistic partnership. Both artists embrace an aesthetic that pulls from generally marginalized dream like subject matter infused with pop culture musings and satire that in the end can only be described as pop- psychedelia.

The Hot Dose! duo are currently part of AIR/IAM crew Chicago and CF (Cold Fusion) Detroit where they teach mural and different public based art projects to area art students.

Corey Hagberg’s Inspiration List:

Identity, race, economics, irony, bad jokes and shitty art bios.

Sarah Danielle Stewart’s Inspiration List:

Hot Rod Culture, Rock and Roll, pin-striping, horror movies, vintage cartoons/sitcoms, pulp and pin up culture and an emboldened sense of self awareness that lures the viewer from their social slumber all done with a playfulness that is not only imaginative and fresh, but also pays homage to the long lost innocence of yesteryear.

Upcoming shows/events:

Upcoming shows for the Hot Dose! duo include: shows for Morton College, Rockford College, Illinois State Museum and a “No Love Lost” art show at Gallery Bar Chicago.

 Future mural based projects include: Miami art Basel, North Coast Music Fest, ElectricMusic Factory fest, and a focus on different graphic design projects for Bucketfeet Shoes, Arch Enemy Gallery, ArtDeckCo. To follow their upcoming projects, also check out their Facebook page.


_*-*_Tomorrow is America’s Birthday!!! _*-*_ It is understandable if you cant make it to check out some art this week due to a lack of consciousness. (drunk, hungover, what ever it may be.. we understand). However, if you find your self twiddling your thumbs this weekend, we’ve picked some art shows to keep you occupied!

Portland *-* Chuch E. Bloom - Opening Night - Art Exhibition and Book Release at Right Side Art is tonight! Chuch is a Surrealist painter, don’t be a fool, if you are in the area you much check it out! * \m// * Thursday, July 3rd

Oakland *-* Oakland First Fridays will still be going on this week! With extended times, First Friday starts at 3pm. So if you have no plans for the 4th get on over here! Music, Art, and probably a bunch of drunkies. * \m// * Friday, July 4th

San Francisco *-* The show has arrived! Quentin vs Coen - An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Coen Brothersstarts Saturday! Spoke Art is hosting this event all month long, the opening reception starts at 6! * \m// * Saturday 5th

Cleveland *-* Mutually Assured Destruction is coming this Saturday! BUCKBUCK is hosting this rad event, giving you music and art by Dima Drjuchin and Homeless Cop! (Two artists that have both been PPC featured artist!) You’ll have one day to recuperate from the 4th, “cram your gullet with leftover potato salad and fold up your star-spangled vinyl lawn chair, because if you’re not at this show, you’re probably messing yourself in a concrete bunker” (straight from the horses mouth) * \m// * Saturday, July 5th

Oakland *-* Chris Blackstock, “The Lone Stranger” at Loakalalso opens next week! * \m// * Friday, July, 11th

Alright yall, I’m going to start celebrating because why not! Have a safe weekend, but most of all… AMERICA F@$K Yeah!!!

Featured Artist ||| Homeless Cop (Indianapolis)

The ultra crispy oil paintings of Homeless Cop are trying to have sex with your eyes. These candy colors and bold lines live and breathe out a crazy world of monsters and men, ghosts and Gods…and it all looks really, really cool. There are battles and epic moments taking place in another dimension, where style and integrity win kingdoms. Perhaps there is a secret story, but there is a mysteriously likeable universal appeal, and the attention to detail is noticeable.

Homeless Cop works really hard on his paintings. As he puts it, “I’ve always painted things I like…people, places, and things. My whole life I’ve been drawing and painting, and I really feel like I was born to do this. I think my work evolves in terms of subject matter, but the execution just stays true to my style. My paintings look look like a robot made them, and I get a lot of pleasure being able to say I made them with my hands. My favorite artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat, and my favorite band is Nirvana. I also like pizza.”

Homeless Cop (AKA Jason Fennell) is an artist/musician who grew up in St. Louis, moved to Chicago for a long time, and currently lives downtown Indianapolis. He has no formal training or schooling. He is currently working on new collections and commissions, and playing drums in the instrumental-reggae-funk-rock group: Chemical Bomb Police.

If you are in Cleveland, be sure to check out Mutually Assured Destruction, at BUCKBUCK Gallery. The opening is this Saturday, July 8th! This is a two person show with artwork by two of our featured artists, Dima Drjuchin and Homeless Cop! You can find the full show details here.

To see read more, see more, buy some stuff, and to stay in the loop on upcoming shows, check out his Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter page.


Our friends at Yay L.A. Magazine were kind enough to share their article on the Quentin Tarantino/Coen Brothers-themed art show “Quentin vs Coen” on to us. We thought you might enjoy it. Read now, maybe go watch some of the movies you might have missed, and attend the opening this Saturday at Spoke Art! I’m excited for the show and am just hoping someone covered Four Rooms! *** Read the full YAY LA article here. RSVP for the opening here

Event picks June 26

It is time to get stoked / be stoked / stay stoked because we have some more up coming art events!

San Fransisco __ TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Chelsea Browns Solo show has arrived! Bring your friends and come down to F8 1192 Folsom. Receive a limited print and button! if you have not already check out her feature in Juxtapoz Magazine (check it out a few stories down on the page). Hope to see you at 6pm! // Thursday 26

Chicago __ Its time to celebrate! A 1 year anniversary party is being held at Gallery Bar Chicago with art by Hot Dose. No Love Lost by Hot Dose is sure to melt your brain. So if your in the area, help celebrate, with music drinks and art (the best combination out there). 7pm-1am. // Saturday 28

Los Angeles __ Flower Pepper Gallery is hosting Summer Flies, a group art show sraring at 6:30 pm. // Saturday 28

Los Angeles __ Parra ‘Same old Song’ Opens this week at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery. Parra is a graphic artist, designer, and musician living and working in Amsterdam. Don’t miss out on his solo show at 1 pm. // Sunday 29

San Fransisco __ Spoke Art is please to present Quentin vs Coen - An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. Come join this free event, and experience different Coen and Tarantion movie scenes through the artists perspective. 6-10pm // Saturday [July] 5

Oakland __ Christopher Blackstock firat solo show “The Lone Stranger” is coming up next week at Loakal Art Gallery. Chris will not only be showing his etched/lazer paintings, but he will be creating custom instillation for display at the gallery from 6-10pm! // Friday [July] 11

Featured Artist ||| William Crisafi  (Boston, Massachusetts)

This week’s featured artist is multidisciplinary artist, William Crisafi. Through his various forms of creation he shares his manifestations of dark auras that accompany witchcraft and spirits; an area that has fascinated him since childhood. This dark realm of the unknown is a theme that has encompassed many of his illustration, sorcery inspired jewelry, and fog roaming photography captured in the forests of New England.  


After high school, Crisafi moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for clothing design. He thought moving to a city would be best for his education and artwork, however, he found himself frequently venturing back to New England to be closer to his favorite forests and parks. After two years at FIT, he relocated to the School for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is currently living outside of Boston and working on a line of jewelry and art with long time friend and collaborator, Jamie Mooers. Their company, Burial Ground, personifies the old New England lingering haunting aesthetic Crisafi and Mooers hold close to them.


According to Crisafi, “their jewels are inspired by classic woodcuts and engravings of sabbaths, witches, and all looming darkness that Massachusetts history is rich with. His personal work explores the uncanny, melancholy landscapes of his homeland. With the use of costumes and hand sculpted masks he brings to life the dream like visions he has while gazing at the wilderness.”

Upcoming Shows/Events:

Crisafi is currently working on a line of jewelry, patches, and prints for Burial Ground which will be available for purchase in mid June! He has also begun working in other mediums, including animation and video production.

To stay in the loop on upcoming projects, and for more info visit the links below:


Written by: Jocelyn Carranza


&Then it was Thursday… Again.
Event Picks for this week are up!

San Fransisco __ Quick Draw SF #002 is here!!! Come join us for a night of music, drinks, and live art! Paint Pens Collective and Never Ending Radical Dude are back together! 10 artist will be featured for the night, with art work ready for purchase at the merchandise table!! || Thursday 19

New York __ Mishka Presents: Jon Burgerman @ 350 Broadway. Jon is a fellow doodler who creates free spirited and uninhibited art! Show starts at 7:00pm. || Friday 20

San Fransisco __ Stay Happy Collective Presents: The Realest Idealists curated by Simon Wolf and Antonia Kimatian, hosted by the Lower Branch Gallery. Join them for art and an exploration of artist’s roles and abilities. || Friday 20

San Fransisco __ Matt DeLight, Jason Furie & Katie Bacigalupi have come together to present a night of art & movies, Kung-Fu Style! Nothin But High Falutin || Sunday 22 

San Fransisco __F8 Bar is presenting the Chelsea Brown Solo Show: The Great Thunderbeast curated by our very own Shayna Yasuhara. Starts next week at 6:00pm. || Thursday 26

Featured Artist ||| Zuk Club (Moscow, Russia)

We reached out to Zuk Club, a group of street artists based in Moscow to find out more about who they are and what they are doing. The group described themselves as young “non-stop” urban street artists that have plastered city walls with their “monumental and contemporary art” since 2001. In 2006, they began working on traditional graffiti art and posters. However, their interests have expanded and their team has started doing a variety of large-scale street art projects in their home country of Russia, and other cities outside their borders like Vienna, Italy and Essen, Germany. Despite the group’s change to “three major artist and a few people who they connect with when needed,” the team has continued to construct experiments on any “accessible and hard accessible surfaces.”

According to Zuk Club, “[Our] work is distinguished by the freedom of manners, ideas, choice, and extremely funny poetics of an alcohol-drug delirium. ZUKCLUB is, so to speak, not even a team, ZUKCLUB is some kind of hoax representing mythical harmonious team.”


Part of Zuk Club’s inspiration comes from their love of “huge walls” where these large cement canvases have allowed them to create “all kinds of projects.”

Upcoming Shows/Events:

Their most recent projects have been in Vienna, however, they noted that they still live in Moscow. They “truly love [Moscow], especially for it’s energy, rhythm and atmosphere.”

Written: Jocelyn Carranza

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