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Featured Artist ||| Jillian Evelyn (Cambridge, MA)

The cuteness of these animal illustrations has got me super excited about this week’s featured artist! Freelance illustrator, Jillian Evelyn, is a master of all things adorable. She will be participating in Paint Pens Collective sponsored Art Walk in the Park this Sunday at University Park Common, Cambridge Ma.

Her career path has brought her to settle down in the East Coast where she currently resides with her pug, Olie Maru. Most days you can find Jillian in her studio with a cup of coffee and immersed in her whimsical wonderland of doodles and drawings. 


Some of Jillian’s inspirations include animals (she occasionally watches old episodes of Planet Earth on Netflix to get inspiration), vintage coffee mugs and Japanese/ Kawaii stationery.

To follow Jillian Evelyn’s upcoming projects, and to see more of her work, visit her WebsiteInstagramTumblr, and Twitter.

Written by: Jocelyn Carranza


SO EXCITED to announce that Quick Draw SF is back for round 4!!! So no more excuses get your act together and prepare your self for some mutant ninja Quick Draw!!
Here’s what we’ve got this week.

Australia __ Studio281 has revamped their building to match the high quality art work that is coming in this weekend. "Falter" Opening Night for Jodee Knowles + Anya Brock @ 281 begins Saturday August 18th. If you cant book your plane ticket for this weekend, you have until September 17th! Or if you are lucky enough to live in Western Australia, then make sure you make it to check out this art work from down unda … (no? too much?) PLUS both artists will be painting murals on the facade of Studio281(check out their Facebook for updates) ||| Saturday 16th

San Francisco __ Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to present A Perilous Journey: Tara Krebs Solo Exhibition. This Canadian artist/ illustrator paints surreal worlds and storybook-style imagery while working predominantly in acrylic and oils. The reception will have interactive storybooks where people can write their own stories to the artwork! Show begins this weekend and will last until September 6. ||| Saturday 16th

Los Angeles __ Thinkspace Gallery is hosting two art events this weekend. One of them happens to be ‘Opulent Anomalies’, a show by the very talented & self-taught artist Glenn Arthur. Don’t miss out on the freak show babes, head over to the Think Space website to get a sneak peak of this beautifully crafted collection. ||| Saturday 16th

San Francisco __ QUICK DRAW SF #004 is approaching quickly! This month there is a loose mutant ninja turtles theme, and by loose I mean come dressed up as a turtle. As always we will have 10 talented artists sketching at their tables. Plus a $5 drink special called the “Cowa-Buncha-Alcohol”. Is there any way this could get better? Of course! Add CDCM into the mix and now we have music that will transform your mind into a grain of salt. STOKED! ||| Thursday 21st (that’s next week )

San Francisco __ Art and science merge together for a night! We are taking over the Academy’s African Hall at Gallery Crawl NightLife | Music by Slayers Club | 21+. Upstairs with the skulls, there will be an area for fellow artists to sketch away. If you listen to Pandora, you probably already have heard about Night Life Creatures and Cocktails. Now is your time to help support Paint Pens Collective and get your geek on at the Academy of Science! start at 6pm! ||| Thursday 21st (next week)

Las Vegas __ PPC contributor Cristina Paulos is having a show in Nevada next week! Cristina Paulos’ “Rhythm, Line and Stroke” Reception is on August 22. “Paulos’ artworks incorporate a variety of techniques and materials. Using life models for this entire series, Paulos continues her creative philosophy of capturing and revealing human flaws, discomforts and vulnerabilities.” __ Friday 22

Featured Artist ||| Chris Wood (Atlanta, Ga)

I first became familiar with Chris Wood’s work when we attended class together at Cal Arts. I was impressed with his drawing skills and his observation of life. Chris currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he continues to work on his paintings.

Chris is a person who doesn’t like to talk about himself.  In his website there is not much about him. Absent of a biography he becomes is sort of a mystery. 

His work speaks for itself. When asked about why there’s not much about him of his website, he response “I don’t feel that a biography is important.  I don’t feel it’s important right now. I’m still in my infancy as an artist.  I’ve accomplished nothing academically important.”

I asked Chris: What do you find inspires you and your artwork?

“I’m inspired by difficult tasks… I’m amazed by that fact that everything and everyone “grows”. I hate most music. I love wine. I adore unusual people. I truly believe that art is the most difficult and rewarding path in life.”

Please view more of Chris Wood on his website and look for his upcoming gallery show in September at Southern California’ Dax Gallery.

Thank you Chris for sharing your beautiful artwork.

To follow Chris Wood’s upcoming projects, and see more of his work, visit his website, Facebook, Instagram (@calartschris), and Blog.

Written by: Christina Paulos

San Diego ComiCon 2014 ||| Illustration, Paintings & Prints Highlight

There was so much to see at San Diego ComiCon we thought it best to separate it into some more digestable parts…Here are some of illustrations,

From Top Left to Right: James Edmiston, Frank Forte, Glow in the Dark Michael Jackson print at Gallery Nucleus, Frank Kozik at his booth, Justin Harder of Claus Studios, Bwana Spoons booth, Devon Deveraux, Brian Ewing, Tou Voo, and Rick Lucey 

San Diego ComiCon 2014 ||| Inside the Convention Walls

From top left to right: a photo of Blake Anderson of Workaholics (we think! he didn’t confirm whether it was him but we are 99.8% sure it is him) - photo courtesy of Rick Lucey, Adult Swim environment, my scores from Saturday, Sunday scores, a photo of Shayna Yasuhara at the Bongo Comics booth, the Troma Films booth, Hello Kitty’s “Kitty Mama,” designer Yuko Yamaguchi, The Walking Dead interactive environment, Star Wars display, and lady Star Wars!

EVENT PICKS for Aug 7th

Hello Friends!
Its Thursday, once again, and like always we have some great shows for you to check out!

LA __ Last week we showed you Profanity Pop, a comical twist on those precious Disney charters we all grew up loving. This show is still going on at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery, and is also featuring Frank Forte. check out his work below, but also make sure you get down there to experience it for your self. You have until the end of the month! __ NOW! - Sunday 31st

Boston__ Boston Comic Con is happening this friday & will last till Sunday. Three days of cool. Check out the ever so talented tofusquirrel! You can purchase tickets at the door or find them here » __ Friday 8th - Sunday 10th

Oakland_ Process of Purpose, hosted by LeQuiVive, has brought together 6 very talented artists. Together (yet separately) they have explored the process of purpose. This Saturday, starting at 7pm, you can view these exploitative pieces of original art. __ Saturday 9th

Stockton__ Comicons are poppin up all over the place! So if you cant make it to Boston comic con, because well you don’t live in Boston, we have one coming this Saturday and Sunday to Stockton! StocktonCon 2014 (Aug. 9-10, 2014). Click on the link to find details about passes and what awesome artists will be there. __ Saturday 9th & Sunday the 10th

SF__ “All beautiful things must inevitably come to an end”. The Method Makers Art Gallery Closing Exhibition is coming to us on August 15th. Check out the sneak peak photos we have of the upcoming exhibition, all original works of art from the Hotel Des Arts private collection. This event starts at 6:30pm and will last till 9:00pm. Don’t forget to RSVP on their page__ Friday 15th

SF __ Friday - God willing, we will be at TheLastCat presents SF MIXTAPE - a group art show at 111 Minna Gallery to get some additional event photos. This art show boasts an impressive line up of artists (too many to list here); including Aiyana Udesen, Bigfoot, Matt Furie, Albert Reyes, Zachary Sweet, and many others. Curated by Manx Cat.

San Diego ComiCon 2014 ||| TOY$!!!

Like t-shirts, one can never have too many toys! Or can you? Hmm. We are not here to judge. We are far to busy “ooh-ing and ahh-ing” over here; vinyl toys, colorful kaiju, squishy sofubi, miniatures, exclusive releases, and all the newest pre-released future goodies all on display! There was no limit to the cool toys that were at this year’s Comicon. However, for better or worse, we are limiting this post to ten photos (you can thank Tumblr!)  

Photos from top left to right: Radioactive Puke Fossilla at Super 7, Gremlins Pre-Release, Patrich Vinyl (booth unk), Breaking Bad at Underground Toys, Lulubell Toys booth, Puppet Master movie figures at the Full Moon Streaming booth, Gargamel (Kiyoka Ikeda), Suckadelic (aka Sucklord) X-Ray Action Figure at DKE Toys booth, Wuvable Oak (Ed Luce) Goteblud figure, and a Skinner creature.   

Featured Artist ||| Natasha Lee (Perth, Australia)

About the artist:

Growing up, Natasha Lee had always been told by older generations that “being an artist will never make you money, you can’t earn a living off of art, it’s really hard.” However, having creative skills, Lee mentions that her path to becoming an illustrator was an interesting and rewarding one that she never thought was possible.

Lee recalls “I just doodled and made clothes for myself for a very long time, until I met my partner, Tom who saw my illustrations and told me I would be silly to not pursue it further. When I became pregnant with my son in 2010 I finally had the time to be able to do this.”

Being inspired to enter group exhibitions, Lee kept drawing and crafted more intricate designs. Studying patterns of construction and technical side of fashion designs, Lee soon realized she did not want to be a part of the industry. All she wanted to do was draw and sew, one off items. 

By 2012, Lee finally had the opportunity to hold a massive solo exhibition at the Chrissie Parrott Arts Center in Maylands, Western Australia. The show included extravagant bridal jewelry, costumes, and approximately forty illustrated works.


Natasha Lee’s inspiration comes largely from dedicated artists that were born to do and live their dream. Some of Lee’s other inspirations include:  like-minded artists, dark and sensual women surrounded by nature, VANIA (a Russian illustrator, who greatly inspired Natasha), surreal pop-art, and oil painters like Mark Ryden and Kukula.

To follow Natasha Lee’s upcoming projects, and to see more of her work, visit her Facebook and Instagram.

Written by: Jocelyn Carranza  


It’s all pastels and pop art at Culver City’s Corey Helford Gallery with the opening of two exhibitions: “Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man,” the first US show from Hikari Shimoda, and “Satisfaction Guaranteed!” a new collection of 3D resin paintings and sculptures from Nouar.  The shows opened on July 19th and will both run until Saturday, August 23rd.  Take a trip while you can-  try not to get too much of a sugar rush.”

*** To read more about the artists and to see more photos from the opening visit, YAY! LA Magazine. These photos and text were shared, with permission, from friend and YAY! LA Editor, Daniel Barron.

Keep updated on future Corey Helford Gallery shows on the official website. Follow the Corey Helford Gallery on Twitter and Instagram.

Event Picks July 31st

NEVER BUY A PUPPY. As i sit here trying to write, a dog is chewing on my foot, which is better then my headphones that he already destroyed. The only thing that will make me happy is all these art events!

‘Les get it poppin yo.’

SF || Come help celebrate Wonderland SF Grand Opening!!!! this Friday August 1 6pm-10pm. Wonderland Sf has relocated to 1266 Valencia Street! || Friday 1st

LA || Everyone remembers “the Little Golden Books” right? Well, Gallery 1988: LA presents "Storytime - A Little Gallery Show" by Joey Spiotto. His childhood has inspired him to make 50 new works of art all in the style of those little golden books. You’ve never seen a cute little bloody axe murder boy on the cover of one, but now is your chance! Joey’s solo show opens TOMORROW at 7pm. || Friday 1st

Martinez || This Saturday the city of Martinez is hosting the Peddlers fair. There will be tons of booths filled with antiques, crafts, art, clothes, jewelry, and I’m pretty sure last year some one was selling puppies. I will be there chillin in my booth, unfortunately I have no puppies for sale, but I do have some art work which is way better then a puppy (no potty training needed). This event takes over down town Martinez near Amtrak, starts at 8am ends around 4. || Saturday 2nd

SF || Gauntlet Gallery presents CONTEMPORARY CONTEMPORARY. This group show is featuring up and coming artists as well as showcasing some of the greatest artists from the past 50 years. So for all my Bay Area Artists come out to 1040 Larkin St. San Francisco on Saturday to pay homage to these O.G. contemporary artists such as Basquiat, Warhol, and Lichtenstein. Plus take a peak at the new generation who are all worthy to be seen. || Saturday 2nd

SF || "Confero" - Matt Ritchie Solo Show" begins on Saturday at Spoke Art Gallery. This 70’s baby had plenty to be inspired from which is apparent in his upcoming solo show. His collection of small hand cut wood pieces are individually painted and when assembled, create larger inclusive combinations. Mindboggling? Then check it out for your self Saturday at 6pm. The first 40 attendees will receive a rad laser cut wooden pin! || Saturday 2nd

LA || In May, Daniel Rolnik drove across America to visit over 50 artists! Some were planned meet and greets, others happen by pure luck. Now these 50 artists and their original artwork have come together at the Flower Pepper Gallery for the show, Artists Across America (Curated by Daniel Rolnik). Starts at 6pm! || Saturday 2nd

Boston || Boston Comic Con 2014 is back & bigger then ever! Three days of awesomeness with tons of comic creators including tofusquirrel, one of our own contributors! BCC starts Next Friday, you can find information on tickets and the guest list of all the artists on their Facebook page. || Next Friday Aug 8th -Aug 10th

Featured Artist ||| Christophe Gilland (Prague, Czech Republic)

This week’s featured artist is Irish-born Czech-Canadian artist, Christophe Gilland. His artwork has a unique illustrative storybook style that draws the viewer close into his imaginative compositions. Gilland creates a realm of childlike curiosities, monstrosities, psychology, man’s relationship with nature, the archaic, and the otherworldly. 


Being the son of a Walt Disney World animator had its perks for young Gilland; exploring the behind the scene studios played a great role in his fairy-tale artistic influences. Since then, Gilland’s influences expanded from esoteric phenomenon and fairy tales to science and alchemical practices.

Upcoming event/shows:

Gilland is currently working on a T-shirt line and other textile goods printed with his artwork. The line is expected to launch before the end of the year.

To follow Christophe Gilland’s upcoming projects, and to see more of his work visit his new website, Facebook, Instagram.

Written by: Jocelyn Carranza

Renegade Craft Fair 2014 Highlight ||| San Francisco

This past weekend, Fort Mason delivered a flawless view of the bay and brought together a tons of excited guests who were eager to check out all the innovative, cute, and crafty treasures the DIY craft community had to offer at the Renegade Craft Fair. Over 250 talented DIY makers shared their work to the Bay area public. A wide variety of handcrafted goods ranged from cutting edge fashion to intricate jewelry and accessories to sophisticated ceramics and housewares, unique screen-printed art and more.

Beyond the vendors, the interactive art décor installed by The Dog and Wolf with interactive workshops led by Legendary Beads and Tierracasts, Letter Writers Alliance, and The Pricerie, local and artisanal food and drinks provided by Tante’s, Post Street Creamery and Four Barrel, with the spinning vinyl of Nick and Dillon renovated a lively atmosphere for the Festival Pavilion. 

Here are some photos from the fair, selected by Paint Pens Collective founder, Shayna Yasuhara

From top to bottom:

EMMIEBEAN Custom Portraits

“Ice Hiking Print” by Small Adventure Shop

“Man in a Kilt” by Mimi Kirchner 

Maiden Voyager Clothing Co.

“Dogs on dogs on dogs” by Kristina Micotti Illustration

Sweaty Taxidermy by Eva Devon

Dkng Studio

Written by: Jocelyn Carranza

EVENT PICKS July 24thHey-yo.
Southern California seems to be stealing the show this week… Road trip anyone?

San Diego_ Comic-Con International is happening RIGHT NOW! But don’t worry because it continues all weekend long! This is a HUGE event that you don’t want to miss! However if you cant make it we’ve got you covered, Shayna Yasuhara will be attending #SDCC and sharing some rad images with yall. Try and find Tara McPherson && Alex Pardee Art (hint: separate booths). ||| Thur 24th - Sun 27th

San Francisco _ Gauntlet Gallery's Lost Moments show ends in just two days. This show reminds us of how lost we can feel among a world full of objects, logos, and sights that have become stale with recognition. These amazing paintings are leaving the gallery soon, don't miss out. ||| Now until Sat 26th

L.A. _ Thinkspace Gallery presents Nosego’s solo show, ‘Open Channels’. Only three pieces are left up for sale. Quickly now, show ends next week! || Ends Aug 9th

L.A. _ COREY HELFORD GALLERY has two awesome exhibitions going on right now. One of them features Nouar an artists who is using resin and oil to create these delicious 3-D candy paintings/sculptures … just maybe don’t try to eat them. ||| Ends August 23rd

L.A. _ The second show at COREY HELFORD GALLERY is “Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man” by HIKARI SHIMODA, an artist Based in Nagano, Japan. These oil paintings are creepily pleasing, don’t listen to me though, check it our for yourselves. ||| Ends August 23rd

L.A._ La Luz De Jesus Gallery has brought some amazing artists together to create Profanity Pop, opening next week. The reception starts at 8:00 pm and goes till 11:00pm. Start your August off right with some Disney Profanity. || Aug 1st

Featured Artist ||| Tom Haney (Atlanta, GA)  

This week’s Featured Artist is Tom Haney. He charmed and captivated us with his intricate kinetic art sculptures. Each piece is carefully detailed; from the expression of each face, to the props used, and the clothing they wear; each character seems to have it’s own mysterious life and story.


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962, Tom Haney became fascinated by mechanical movement at the age of two where he became separated from his family in a museum. In subsequent years, his fascination would manifest itself often - he regularly took apart household items, much to his parents’ disapproval.

“Being mostly self-taught, I’m excited to see the progress I have made, and look forward to where my work might go next. With each piece I try to push my work forward - I try out different techniques; challenge myself with a new mechanical movement; and am always working on making my pieces outlast me. I don’t want to be in the business of repairing them, so I try to find ways to make them maintenance-free.”

Transfixed by a mechanical diorama, Haney took art classes in high school and attended college studying Industrial Design. Before becoming a full-time artist in 2000, his professional work consisted of making props, models and miniatures for television commercials, still photographers, and motion pictures.

“When I started making kinetic art in ‘94, I wasn’t aware of many other folks doing this kind of artwork. I’m inspired by other kinetic artists I’ve met through the Internet. I’m also inspired by painters, ceramicist, doll makers, film makers, and mixed media artists,” said Haney.

Upcoming events/shows:

Haney currently has shows at Red Truck Gallery  in New Orleans and Brentano’s in NYC. He also recently co-directed a music video with LA-based singer songwriter, Lucy Schwartz. He also made the marionette and all the small props. Click here to see the video. 

To follow Tom Haney’s upcoming projects, and to see more work visit his websiteFacebookTwitterYouTube, and his blog.

Written by: Jocelyn Carranza



Lacey Bryant’s Solo Exhibit “Lacuna" and Group Exhibit "Home" at Modern Eden Gallery.

Last weekend I attended Modern Eden Gallery for artist Lacey Bryant’s solo exhibit titled Lacuna. I love her rustic color palates, and how her detailed yet fluid brush strokes always remind me of a brisk and dreamy autumn day.

Alongside Lacuna, is a group installation titled Home, bursting with various artists renditions of bird houses. A perfect companion to Lacey’s own rural, mysterious houses, landscapes, and secretive figures.

On top of being a show of interesting pieces and wonderment, there is also an entirely other reason you should pay a visit! This will be the final show at Modern Eden Gallery’s 403 Francisco street location. Due to the harsh reality of San Francisco’s rising rent costs, the gallery has been forced out of their current home. But fear not! Unlike most galleries that have shut their doors in San Francisco after suffering a similar fate, Modern Eden will thankfully still prevail. Keep your eyes peeled for their new and exciting location at 801 Greenwich street. 

Photos selected by Paint Pens Collective contributor, Mary Syring.

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