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Featured Artist ||| Gel Jamlang (Baltimore, MD)


Gel Jamlang is a painter/illustrator living in Baltimore, MD. After twelve years of working in the field of interior design, doing murals and hand-painting furniture, she devoted her time in her art career. She rediscovered new life in her creative expression using watercolor, painting playful portraits and oddities.

I love capturing a snapshot in my everyday life that pulls at my insides. I believe the important thing is to remember these forgotten moments of beauty, that’s why when I see something beautiful, I keep it or take a picture or write on my notebook. From those memories, I paint them, twisting it in the process and making it feel brand new. 
Another thing that inspires me is seeing amazing art everywhere…there are so many times where I would love a piece of art so much I would think about it for days. 
Upcoming shows include, “New Natives”, a group show at Lightbombs Contemporary Gallery in Hong Kong, which opens April 30, 2014. You can also see her illustrations in New Republic Magazinea liberal American magazine covering politics and the arts. Her work is currently available on Society6. For more info and images visit her websiteTumblr, and Instagram
From the Artist List of contributor, Caroline Augusta. / Article by: Shayna Yasuhara

Linework NW is a new illustration and comics festival taking place in Portland, Oregon. Linework NW’s goal is to focus attention on the creators who continue to inject new energy and vitality into these venerable mediums that share so much in common, whether their work is to be found in comic books, original art, graphic novels, prints, or other forms. Drawing upon a wealth of talent from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Linework NW seeks to cultivate a vibrant cultural experience for creators, readers, art lovers, and collectors alike. 

Linework NW will take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 2:00pm–9:00pm at the Norse Hall in Portland, Oregon. Attendance is free and open to the public.

The artist line up for this show is amazing and also includes some of our past featured artists and friends; Jason Fischer (Studio JFish), Wuvable Oaf (Ed Luce), and Pony Club Gallery.

Featured Artist |Brenton Barnes (Beverly, MA)
Back in February, we held a Valentine’s Day Reader Art contest, in which Brenton Barnes took home the gold! Okay, there was no gold invovled, however, he did score a Paint Pens Collective prize pack full of goodies, prints, buttons, stickers, etc., AND is this week’s featured artist! 
Brenton Barnes is an illustrator, psuedo-designer, amateur comic artist, private tutor and “shaving consultant” currently living in Beverly, Massachusetts. As an illustrator, he’s done a variety of work for a vast audience, ranging from children to adults, and can go from drawing age-appropriate artwork for children one moment to drawing extremely adult content the next.

Brenton maintains a distinct graphic style across these audiences and is very concerned with capturing the moment of the piece he’s working on along with every moment that goes with it. Some have described his work as very lively and very engaging to look at and he tries to trump his previous works whenever he sits down to make a new one.

As of late, he’s been trying to put more of an emphasis on creating comics, rather than standalone illustrations. However, he is still available for commissioned work, including show posters and album artwork.
When asked about his inspirations, he mentioned that he often turns to clearing his mind, verus honing in on certain inspirational sources. However, he came back with this list of things he loves. 
Comic Books/ Graphic Novels - By looking at my work, you can immediately tell right off the bat that someone either loves the texture and application of ink or they want to make comics. In my case, it’s the latter. My dream is to put together a handful of comic stories throughout my life, so it’s only natural to have a very graphic style but I’m also quite interested what someone can do with the medium. Whether it’s storytelling methods and techniques, drawing styles or the process the creators go through it’s amazing to see what both amateurs and professionals can achieve in such an imaginative medium.
Textures - Since my work is pre-dominantly digital these days, I have to find ways to  make my work stand out. I’m always concerned about textures in my work whether there’s a way to apply it organically or through digital means. It sometimes gets to a point where I’ll find a texture I like and make an entire piece just to be able to use it.
Film - If you talked to my wife, she’d tell you that I’m always talking about the technical aspects of the films we watch. While I do watch films for enjoyment but I’m constantly catching the technicals of film-making like composition, lighting, use of color and see how I can use it in my own work. It’s all about finding ways to improve, y’know?
My Cat Odetta - I know that this is a weird answer but it’s true. Before my wife and I found our cat things weren’t exactly going great for me, I was quite depressed when I wasn’t making anything and when I was creating I was a jumbled mess because there was a lot of ideas that I just couldn’t get out. Thanks to her, I’m a lot happier when I’m not making things and when I’m stuck on an idea or want to brainstorm further, all I have to do is pick her up and pet her and it makes the entire process very relaxing. Introspection becomes easier which in turn makes it easier to take risks and challenges. It’s amazing what this cat does for me.
Upcoming / Current projects:
Brenton is currently working with Red Flag Productions in California on their independent neo-noir graphic novel Off The Leash,as a letterer and designer. He also works with Revamp Studios in Massachusetts on their post-apocalyptic zombie webcomic, Aftermath. Brenton also just closed out a solo show at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA. To follow his upcoming projects, and to see more of his work, check the links below.
Article by: Shayna Yasuhara


On March 29, 19 artists from different corners of the Bay Area’s art scene will gather at Loakal to seize the day, or carpe diem. Each person was given a 4’ by 8’ panel and 24 hours to complete their work. 

The opening reception is April 4, 6­10 pm. Drinks, music by DJ Tibbs, food by Le Jarre, and free admission. Full info can be found on their invite.  

Overall this is a killer line up! Line up includes Brett Amory, Zoltron, Jessica Hess, John Casey, Marcos LaFarga, Jet Martinez, Cannon Dill, Lauren YS, Max Kauffman, John Wentz, Eddie Colla, Ian Ross, Hueman, Nite Owl, Lisa Pisa, Chris Granillo, Reggie Warlock, Daryll Peirce and Cameron Thompson. 

The opening reception is April 4, 6­-10 pm. Drinks, music by DJ Tibbs, food by Le Jarre, and free admission. Full info can be found on their invite.  

Whutt up West Coast!! Here are our event picks for this weekend.

— San Francisco - LOCAL NERDZ Group Art Show at Mini Bar, Thursday

— Portland - "Our Noise" Ami Lenox solo show at Pony Club Gallery, Thursday 

— San Francisco - Art Explosion Studios opening reception Friday + open studios Sat & Sun 
— San Francisco - Serge Gay Jr.’s solo show at Spoke Art, Sat
—Oakland/ Bay Area - "Carpe Diem": 20 artists, 1 room, 24 hours… opening reception at Loakal, Friday 
— Los Angeles - Charlie Immer’s “Loose Juice” opening at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Friday

Featured Artist ||| Andrea Joyce Heimer (Ferndale, WA)

Back in February, Andrea Joyce Heimer had a solo show at Parlor Gallery. I saw it on one of my various endless scrolling feeds. Facebook, Instagram, something…I scrolled back…”what’s going on here!?” I was instantly intrigued. I looked on to find a whole world of these bizarre suburban scenes. It wasn’t until I went to write this feature that I learned these all have stories as well. While there is so much to look at in these painting, there are captions that help to create a larger story; an overall joy to read and see. PS- this is another reason the Featured Artist series is best enjoyed on the weekend when you can give it a proper look. 

Andrea Joyce Heimer documents the neighborhood mythos of her childhood home in 1980′s Great Falls, Montana. Adopted as an infant and plagued by lifelong clinical depression, Heimer struggled early-on with feeling disconnected from her family and community. Her sense of isolation only increased with adolescence, and Heimer began to battle her loneliness by means of observation. With her bicycle and ponytail as camouflage, she blended seamlessly into the suburban landscape and became an all-seeing, all-listening, all-recording witness to the people and events that defined the history of this small piece of suburbia. Heimer was fascinated by the dramas she became privy to–the mundane mixed with supernatural, the violence and the kink–nearly Shakespearean in their breadth. Now residing far from her Montana roots, Heimer pays homage to the sagas whose presence made her complicated youth more bearable — and also offers a tip of her hat to the strange histories unfolding in suburban neighborhoods everywhere, in hopes each area finds its own witnesses to record the stories that may otherwise be lost forever.

Andrea Joyce Heimer (b. 1981) is a self taught painter who now lives in Washington state, where she trains jumping horses in the summer. She has not been back to her childhood home of Great Falls, Montana (the city’s claim to fame: the site of the first UFO recorded on film in 1950), though thinks of it often. She began painting the “Suburbia” body of work in March 2012. Her paintings live in private collections in the US and abroad, including the collection of musician Paul Simon. Heimer was recently one of three finalists for the Seattle’s prestigious Neddy Award in the painting category.

Here are some of her inspirations:
My husband is an elementary school art teacher, I am continuously inspired and impressed by the quality of the work he gets out of his students.  Walking into his classroom feels like a safe fuzzy place of encouragement and possibility.
I am also inspired by detective stories.  Anything that hints at the undercurrent of complexities (mysteries, violence, secrets etc.) beneath the surface of everyday life catches my eye.  I love puzzles.
Current shows: Andrea’s work is on view at Shooting Gallery, in San Francisco, as part of their 11th Anniversary Show. The group show opened March 15 and closes April 5th. To see more great work visit her website and Facebook page
Written by: Shayna Yasuhara

Fountain Art Fair Highlights (March 2014)

Fountain Art Fair has received critical acclaim for its uniquely alternative art fair model and genuine dedication to the artists and galleries who share in its vision and ideology. Celebrated as the first of a new influential generation of alternative fairs, Fountain is reinterpreting the concept of the art fair experience and paving a new path for the future of contemporary art.

Here are some photos from the shows, selected by Paint Pens Collective founder, Shayna Yasuhara.

From top left to right:

James Nardone Design & Printmaking

"Rodney Dangerfield" by David Hollier ||| McCaig & Welles

"Ghandi" David Hollier ||| McCaig & Welles

Boy Kong ||| Gilter & __ Gallery (New York, New York)

Hot Dose (aka Sarah Danielle Stewart & Corey Hagberg (Rockford, IL)

 Sarah Danielle Stewart (Rockford, IL)

Peca ||| Arch Enemy Arts (Philadelphia, PA)

100taur ||| Arch Enemy Arts (Philadelphia, PA)

Megan Tamas ||| Arch Enemy Arts (Philadelphia, PA)

Last photo is an overview of the art fair…and Shayna!


Here are some favoirtes from SCOPE NY 2014 Highlights

"SCOPE taps into the cultural psyche to present only the most pioneering work across multiple creative disciplines. With over a decade of critically acclaimed art fairs and non-profit initiatives that extend beyond the ordinary in Contemporary art, design, music and fashion."

Allison Sommers ||| Think Space Gallery (Culver City, CA)

Dabs Myla ||| Think Space Gallery (Culver City, CA)

Clayton Chandler ||| Emerson Fine Arts (St. Petersburg, FL)

Johnson Tsang ||| Emerson Fine Arts (St. Petersburg, FL)

Victor Safonkin

Kowwboy by SIT ||| Kallenbach Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Sebastian Wahl ||| Magpi Projects (New York, New York)

Lottie Davis, Cynthia Corbett Gallery (London, UK)

Speedy Graphito 

Max Kauffman ||| Black Book Gallery (Denver, CO)

Featured Artist ||| Dima Drjuchin (Brooklyn, NY)

Dima Drjuchin has created a ton of posters and album covers for the likes of some names you might know; including Sub Pop Records, Nonesuch Records, Marc Maron, Comedy Central Records, Jim Gaffigan, and Reggie Watts. He is a modest guy who describes his artwork as an ongoing evolution from his days of drawing as a kid. When we asked him about his inspirations, he gave us a long list of hot and cold foods, all sorts of environments, and of course, his dog and his fiance topping the list. He will be in a three person show at Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine which opens April 5th. If you live in New York, or anywhere nearby, YOU should definitely go and check it out. 

Bio: Dima Drjuchin was born in Moscow in the summer of 1980. His family moved to New York City when he was about one years old. He grew up in the Bronx till the age of 13, then Manhattan. He’s been drawing since childhood and describes his current work as a natural progression from when he started doodling.

He went to Parsons School Of Design in 1999 and graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 2003. He’s worked as an illustrator/designer, and a painter since graduation. Some of his clients include Sub Pop Records, Nonesuch Records, Marc Maron, Comedy Central Records, Jim Gaffigan, and Reggie Watts. Simply put, he’s done a lot of posters and album cover art. Oh, and has painted a lot. He also shared with us, that sometimes he plays music.

Inspiration List (from a clearly very inspired guy!): his fiance, his dog, candy, ice cream, loud music, soft music, talented people, funny people, funny situations, television shows, good movies, okay movies, pizza, pancakes, warm weather, cold weather, and…weather.

Upcoming projects: Dima is doing a three person show, with Malogo and Ciou, at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn. The show opens Saturday, April 5. In July, he has another three person show, with Jason Fennel and Oliver Hibertat, at BuckBuck Gallery in Cleveland. In October, he will also be part of a two person show at Campfire Gallery in San Francisco. 

Where to find Dima Drjuchin:


Instagram: dimadrjuchin


Article by: Shayna Yasuhara (Founder of Paint Pens Collective)

Paint Pens Collective has seven artists at Big Umbrella Studios for the Divisadero Art Walk, 3/27! Bold Italic and the Divisadero Merchants Association have pulled out all the stops to create this special event of food, drinks, and art. The event is sponsored by Google Shopping Express and Chevrolet.

**** To RSVP, and for additional information click here. ****

Paint Pens Collective has selected artists:
Shayna Yasuhara (Founder/ Curator) | 
Tofusquirrel |
Caroline Augusta |
Cristina Paulos | /
Patt Kelley |
Daisy Church |
Paint Pens Collective is a national underground art community with roots in San Francisco, Boston, and the greater Bay Area. The artists featured in this show are from Boston, Las Vegas, and Northern California. 
Paint Pens Collective Social Media:
Twitter: PaintPensSF

SpringBreak Art Fair - Four-Story Ex-Catholic School Turned Next- Level Art Fair (New York)

SpringBreak Art Fair was held in a four-story Catholic schoolhouse and was not like anything I had seen before. The art shared here seemed like nothing one would have ever have predicted to see in that environment; making it all the more intriguing. I was told that the Moma PS1 was similarly an old school. I visited PS1 the next day and stand by my word; the SpringBreak Art Fair was one-of-a-kind. The building’s skeleton and leftover remnants of the institution added a haunting effect to the already curious art installations.

Each old classroom, closet, and bathroom, had been transformed by forty curators. Having a large number of curators created an interesting effect; in which moving through the multi-story building felt like maneuvering through a choppy dream. For example, you are in an elementary school bathroom, the kind with low toilets, that you haven’t been in since you were a kid. It is set up like a set to a thriller movie. Then you walk through a curtain and you’re in a private drive-in movie theatre, with an old Volkswagon Beetle sitting squarely in a dimly lit room. You exit and enter into another room with an inverted films on the ceiling and a toy train set playing by itself on the floor. I don’t know. I doubt I’m doing this show any justice. It was amazing and you had to be there. If you asked each guest to list three rooms, in order that they remembered them, I bet they’d all name different things. 

While this art fair was only $5 I’d say this fair left the largest stamp on my memory. There seemed to be so much effort put into the details, particularly with the mixed media installations, that it seemed the artist were really making art for art’s sake, versus to make money or for recognition. On that note, some of the photos do not have artist info here. If you have more info for any of these images and would like to share, please contact me.

- Shayna Yasuhara (Founder of Paint Pens Collective)

"SPRING/BREAK Art Show is the new curator-driven art fair during the Armory Arts Week.  The 3rd Annual fair will inhabit Old School, a four-story schoolhouse located in NoLIta from March 4th – March 9th, 2014.

Through its commitment to the discoveries of curators from the five boroughs, SPRING/BREAK Art Show will again offer a unique destination for collectors, artists, galleries, critics, scene junkies & art enthusiasts during the city’s art fair week. Forty curators will premiere new artworks created by over 100 artists, all selected around this year’s central art fair theme, PUBLICPRIVATE.”

From top left to right:

1. Azikiwe Mohammed ||| thread woven tapestry 

2. Screentest for Stalkerpooh ||| Produced by Catherine Mahoney

3. Room with Institutional Bed on the Ceiling ||| Unknown curator

4. Smart Girls Are Pretty ||| Unknown artist

5. Photo of the Staircase

6. Cellar Level Bar/Lounge Area ||| Performance by Lucia Love + Joe Kay ||| Curated by Natalie Kovacs (aka some cool kids who’s set reminded me of PeeWee’s Playhouse, if it had an office)

7. Video Installation in Small Closet - information unknown

8. SpringBreak Art Fair promo card

9. View from a window of the school

VOLTA NY Highlights

"Over 20,000 attendees to VOLTA NY’s seventh edition and second year in SoHo reconfirmed the fair’s mission as a place of compelling contemporary discoveries within deeply insightful solo statements." -Volta Press Release

Here are some photos from the shows, selected by Paint Pens Collective founder, Shayna Yasuhara.

Mark Mulroney ||| Mixed Greens Gallery (New York, USA)

Alfred Steiner ||| Gallery Poulsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Adam Mysock ||| Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Stephen Tompkins ||| HilgerBROTKunsthalle (Vienna, Austria)

Jeffrey Gibson ||| Marc Straus (New York, New York USA)

Farley Aguilar ||| Spinello Projects (Miami, FL USA)

Akihiro Higuchi ||| MA2 Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

Sonia Shiel ||| Kevin Kavanagh (Dublin, Ireland)

Michael Caines ||| Mulherin (Toronto, Canada) + also in the photo, Elizabeth Devlin (foxy owner of art website, Flux Boston)

Armory Art Fair Highlights - Top 5

"The Armory Arts Week is in its sixteen years, The Armory Show, America’s leading fine art fair devoted to the most important art of the 20th and 21st centuries, has become an international institution, bringing artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world to New York every March." 

Here are some favorites from, Shayna Yasuhara, founder of Paint Pens Collective. 

How and Nosm ||| Pace Prints (New York, USA)

Jonas Burgert ||| Produzentengalerie (Hambburg, Germany)

Atsushi Kaga ||| Mother’s Tankstation (Dublin, Ireland)

Monica Cook ||| Postmasters Gallery (New York, USA) 

James Casebere ||| Galerie Daniel Templon (Brussels, Belgium)

Featured Artist ||| Rich Pellegrino (Boston, MA)

When I had first reached out to Rich Pellegrino I did not know he had a painting in the new Wes Anderson film, Grand Budapest Hotel. I was also  pleasantly surprised to have scheduled his feature on the release date of the movie. With that being said, we a.) feel very lucky on the timing and b.) which piece of Rich Pellegrino’s work you will fall in love with first is a tough call. His unique style of broad strokes and bright colors are immediately captivating, and the personality of his subjects will further draw in the viewer.

For this feature, we wanted to focus in on some of the other pop art portraits, however, to get the full spectrum of Rich’s work please visit his website and his shop. 


Rich Pellegrino is a Boston, MA artist and illustrator.  Recent projects include portraiture and illustration for Warner Bros, Wes Anderson, Treehouse Brand Stores (TOMB RAIDER 2013), and officially licensed work for properties such as LucasFilm, FOX TV, and AMC.”

Pellegrino's subject matter is an eclectic mix of illustration and personal paintings that. His work has an expressive hand with color and brushwork. Pellegrino's work in film tribute shows give well known characters a new spin and shine their personalities in a new light.  His personal work delves into a fascination with literary history,ocean life, fashion, and human psychology. 

Pellegrino will have a painting featured in Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel.  He is currently at work on a new group portrait painting of the cast for a print release coming very soon.
Find him here:

Here is the painting found in the movie, Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson. If you see the movie, you will not miss it. 

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