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Featured Artist ||| Lauren Napolitano (Oakland, CA) ||| Painting & Illustration

According to many fellow artists and my very official online google search of “difficult things to draw” the consistent culprit is “hands”. Most people cannot draw hands and most of you aren’t surprised in the slightest by this answer.

When I shared my findings with Lauren she just laughed, saying perhaps she is a bit sadistic. “Indeed”, I thought! Or perhaps she is just one lady who is not afraid of perceived challenges. Within the art world and other aspects of being a human Lauren is wise beyond her years. 

She shared a bit about herself with us and how difficulties have shaped vision and her appreciation of the everyday world. She writes, ”when I was 17, I lost every possession I had accumulated in my short life span; ever since I have been a collector. My mission is to document and observe the world around me as if I have never seen it before. I take notes. Collect things I find during my travels. Document my findings. Notice patterns, Copy. Trace. Focus on one thing at a time. Record and follow what I am drawn to. It is my job to create space for what has been left behind. To preserve the history of others.”  

If you live in San Francisco or Oakland you may be lucky enough to stumble upon Lauren amongst the other great creatures of the night. You might also find her at White Walls Gallery, Shooting Gallery and 941 Geary. Past that, she was recently sighted in New York painting a mural with Shrine On! Lauren is also set to travel to London and Miami for Art Basel in December. If you want to find more info and images or find Lauren, don’t fret, visit Lauren’s website!

Written by, Shayna Yasuhara


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