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August in San Francisco (Part I) ||| Art Show Photos

You can bitch about how cold the SF weather is in August but running around to all these art events will keep you warm. Here a few photos I’ve collected while out and about.

From top left to right: a. Dabs Myla at White Walls Gallery, b. Matt Delight at Sketch Tuesdays (111 Minna Gallery), c. Fab Ciraolo at Gauntlet Gallery, d. Shayna Yasuhara, Kim Nguyen, Tiffany Slu at Sketch Tuesdays, e. Sam Arroyo at Sketch Tuesdays, f. Shayna Yasuhara at Sketch Tuesdays, g, Bandid8 Illustration at Roll Up Gallery, h. Shayna Yasuhara collage, i. Donta Santistevan at Sketch Tuesdays, j. Ian Johnson at White Walls

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