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Featured Artist ||| Patt Kelley (Boston, MA)

Patt Kelley is a Boston based illustrator and comic artist. Although primarily a watercolor artist, he’s branched out into 3D and digital art over the past few years. A graduate of MassArt, Patt has done illustrations for various publications. His work has been shown in several galleries, including “Circus Day in America”, an exhibit at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum in 2010. His comic strip "What’s for Breakfast?" is published weekly in DigBoston, Boston’s leading alternative newspaper. In 2012, TopShelf digital released his graphic novel “What Am I Going to Do Without You?” which received several amazing reviews as well as an honorable mention in Publishers Weekly’s 2012 graphic novel critics poll.

Patt just finished a sixteen page comic for The Comics Workbook Composition Competition called “The Abridged History of a Moon” which is about dogs, the ocean, and the end of the world. It can be seen here

You can see Patt Kelley’s work in person at the Paint Pen Collective’s Second Annual Quick Draw Event next Saturday in Boston. Full details here

When Patt was asked about his inspirations he told us this:

“My mother raised me on a steady diet of Stephen King and The Far Side which left me with a decent sense of humor and night terrors. I read books like “It” and “The Stand” while I was still in 6-7th grade, and I really think that’s what helped to develop my point of view.

I’ve always been a fan of comics. When I was about 13 I picked up a copy of Dark Horse Presents, featuring Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man, and although most of the jokes went over my head at the time there was something that struck a chord with me. I’ve been a fan of indie comics ever since.
 I’m also a big fan of pop culture and film. I do a lot of my own takes on characters from film in my illustration and when I write my comics I take a cinematic approach with the script.”

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